EU’s air transport safety and environmental protection regulator, EASA has warned of the increasing GPS outages caused by Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

According to EASA, outages affecting Global Navigation Satellite Systems (GNSS) were caused by possible spoofing issues and/or jamming around Ukraine.

“The effects of GNSS jamming and/or possible spoofing were observed by aircraft in various phases of their flights, in certain cases leading to re-routing or even to change the destination due to the inability to perform a safe landing procedure. Under the present conditions, it is not possible to predict GNSS outages and their effects. The magnitude of the issues generated by such outage would depend upon the extent of the area concerned, on the duration and on the phase of flight of the affected aircraft,” EASA warned.

EASA’s warning came after Finland’s Transport and Communications Agency, Traficom warned of a spike of GPS interference issues around the country’s eastern border with Russia.

Other affected European countries include Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, and the broader Baltic region.