The IT industry has been in flux for at least 20 years, with new models of computing upsetting expected job categories — think of the drop in demand for COBOL specialists, for example. The rapid shift to cloud is doing the same today.

So a slide show created by Computerworld U.S. is food for thought for those about to enter the industry, or looking at changing their career path.

Internet of Things architect sounds like a sure bet. But what about augmented reality designer? I have seen at least one Canadian mobile app that uses it. With the world increasingly going mobile perhaps it’s a reasonable expectation.

There will be a demand for developers with skills in Node.js and Scala languages, experts say.
Remember, though, automation and virtualization are job killers. How long will these predicted careers be needed.

Wait a minute — what about automation technology specialist? Perhaps that’s a title that will never disappear.

Think about it as you read the full story here.