Dyson has announced plans to build a large robotics centre at its factory at Hullavington Airfield in Wiltshire, where 250 robotics engineers will work and produce new types of domestic products.

Dyson is major producer of vacuum cleaner robots, but has tried to expand the company’s product range.

Its over-the-ear headphones with air-purifying mouth visor received mixed reviews on the internet, with “odd-looking” and “dystopian” among the terms used to describe them. The company’s project on electric vehicles was also abandoned since it wasn’t commercially viable.

The company said it invests heavily in technology and that half of its 2,000 new employees are engineers, scientists and programmers.

Dyson also hires robotics engineers in a variety of disciplines, including computer vision, machine learning, sensors and “mechatronics.”

At the International Conference on Robotics and Automation in Philadelphia, the company shared a video of the project, which shows robotic arms briefly picking up plates, a bottle of detergent and a soft toy.