A Survey from data management company Cohesity found that 23% of respondents said they would stop doing business with a company that paid a ransom.

Additionally, 47% said they’d lose confidence if the company weren’t forthcoming about the attack and 22% disclosed that they would lose confidence if the company pay the ransom.

The survey shows that many customers do not seem satisfied with the action, cyberattacks to pay ransoms for access to their servers and systems, since 40% of the 1,000 respondents think that organizations that are affected by ransomware, should not pay the ransom.

According to Cohesity CISO Brian Spanswick, “Ransomware attacks are so prevalent that they are now part of our collective consciousness. And our research indicates that when businesses pay the ransom, they run the risk of losing consumer confidence and prompting people to take their business elsewhere.”

Regarding the effective fight against ransomware attacks, 42% of the respondents are of the opinion that companies do not do enough to protect their data. To protect their systems, 61% recommend that companies should regularly test their systems for threats, while 59% asked the companies to introduce appropriate security software.