Organizations around the world are embracing cloud computing, but cloud adopters face numerous challenges. Cost control remains a top challenge for 36% of cloud adopters.

Other challenges include data privacy, security challenges and a lack of cloud security skills.

For experts, cost management problems are the product of poor planning. Sid Nag, research VP at Gartner, explains in his statement that organizations mostly move applications off physical servers before they are properly encoded for operation in the cloud.

Companies that implement decentralized IT and multi-cloud strategies face cost challenges because they often have difficulty determining how certain departments or developers use the cloud.

In this case, Nag recommends the establishment of a supervisory and governance structure. It is also important that companies are aware of the resources available to optimize costs.

Despite the challenges, companies remain committed to leveraging cloud computing as they work to improve operations.

Looking ahead, companies plan to spend 32%, or $78 million, of their IT budget on the cloud over the next 12 months, a significant jump from $73 million in 2020.