Cisco has teamed up with cloud security and governance platform provider JupiterOne to bring Cisco Secure Cloud Insights to market.

The deployment of this product, which will be part of Cisco’s SecureX product family, brings many benefits, including providing public cloud inventory visibility to customers, providing relationship mapping to navigate cloud-based businesses and access rights, and providing security compliance reports.

The Cisco PR team explained what the partnership entails: “Cisco Secure Insights with JupiterOne will help businesses maintain a leading-edge cloud security posture by offering complete visibility into their cyber assets, ways to identify security and compliance gaps quickly, and methods to fast-track investigation and response.”

Secure Cloud Insights achieves the above goal by providing customers with a variety of insights, including providing a knowledge graph of consolidated data that provides insight into configurations, while others include access policies, settings, tags, rules, and others that govern business-to-business interaction.