President Biden’s nominees to the FTC and FCC are now set for a confirmation vote at the Senate.

This follows a divided U.S. Senate Commerce Committee vote on Thursday. The committee vote on the nominees was 14-14.

Committee Chair Maria Cantwell, a Democrat representing Washington stated that she would report the Tues to the Senate floor.

The Democrats currently hold a narrow majority secured only by the tie-breaking vote of Vice President Harris.

This implies that the full U.S. Senate would need to hold a “discharge” vote on the nominations in addition to a final confirmation vote.

The two nominees include FCC nominee Gigi Sign and FTC nominee Alvaro Bedoya. Due to the FCC’s 2-to-2 split, some vital campaign made by the Biden administration has failed to materialize as they continually faced delays.

The two nominees especially Sohn have faced numerous criticisms and critical evaluations from the Republican senators.

The U.S. Chamber of Commerce on Tuesday sent a letter to all members of the Commerce Committee opposing Sohn’s nomination.