The latest upgrade to the BlackBerry Messenger app for iPhones and Android devices extends support to other Apple devices and fixes some key problems the app had earlier with iOS and Android operating system.

Last month, BlackBerry Ltd. boosted its BBM user base from 60 million to 80 million when it made the messaging application available to iPhones and Android phones. The most recent enhancement to the application extends support to iPads and iPods running iOS 6 and higher.

Apart from that, BlackBerry has fixed some problems BBM previously had with the two operating systems.

For example, with the iPhone BBM was dropping BBM contact names for some users. With Android, the app was reported to be draining the battery power on some devices. BlackBerry said these problems have now been addressed.

The updated application now allows users to share the BBM PIN barcode on social networks. Group sorting and filtering features for Android were also improved.

BBM, however, still does not support a growing number of Windows Phones and Android tablets.

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