The Australian federal government will conduct a parliamentary inquiry into the activities of major technology platforms.

The inquiry will examine the nature of the “toxic material” on these platforms and also examine their practices.

The aim is to analyze the impact of social media networks on Australians’ mental health.

Prime Minister Scott Morrison has given more detail on the inquiry, announcing the inquiry will supplement the social media legislation that seeks to “unmask trolls,” as announced over the weekend.

“Big tech created these platforms, they have a responsibility to ensure their users are safe,” Morrison said. “Big tech has big questions to answer. But we also want to hear from Australians; parents, teachers, athletes, small businesses, and more, about their experience, and what needs to change.”

Australia’s Communications Minister Paul Fletcher also pointed out that the investigation was influenced by the Facebook whistleblower’s revelations.

According to Fletcher, “This inquiry will give organizations and individuals an opportunity to air their concerns, and for big tech to account for its own conduct.”