SunCrypt ransomware operators are still using the ransomware to compromise organizations. According to Minerva Labs, the gang recently compromised Migros, Switzerland’s largest supermarket.

The malware operators have developed a better version of their strain which offers new capabilities. The capabilities include process termination, stopping services, and wiping the machine clean for ransomware execution.

The process termination feature includes resource-heavy processes that can block the encryption of open data files such as WordPad (documents), SQLWriter (databases), and Outlook (emails).

SunCrypt operators however retained the use of I/O completion ports for faster encryption through process threading.

They also continue to encrypt both local volumes and network shares while maintaining an allowlist for the Windows directory and other items that render a computer inoperable when compromised.

SunCrypt was notoriously known in mid-2020 as one of the pioneers of triple extortion on non-paying victims.