Atom bank recently introduced a four-day week for its staff and insists the changes will have no impact on their salaries.

Atom Bank chief executive Mark Mullen said the move was voluntary, but staff would have to work longer on the days they are in.

Employees will now work 34 hours within four days a week, up from 37.5 hours five days a week, Mullen said, adding that workers will receive the same pay and enjoy a “three-day weekend in perpetuity.”

While the move comes at a time when people are clamoring for shorter working days, Mullen said the move was influenced by the pandemic as the company seeks to provide the help needed to improve workers’ well-being.

He explained: “Before Covid, the conventional wisdom was you had to commute in, sit at a desk all day and repeat that process when you commuted home. Covid showed us that it wasn’t necessary…I think doing 9-5, Monday to Friday is a pretty old-fashioned way of working.”