Atlassian said it could take another two weeks to restore customer instances due to the ongoing outage of its cloud services.

“We were unable to confirm a more firm ETA until now due to the complexity of the rebuild process for your site. While we are beginning to bring some customers back online, we estimate the rebuilding effort to last for up to 2 more weeks,” one customer was told.

Atlassian said only about 400 of its more than 200,000 customers were affected, and the outage occurred after a routine maintenance script “unintentionally” disabled a small number of sites thereby blocking customers’ access to their products and data.

The maker of software development and collaboration tool maker had previously stated that the issue will be fixed in a few days, but the outage was still in full swing after seven days.

Although the company was able to restore service to 35% of affected customers, some customers still do not have access to products and data.