Apple has introduced the Passkey feature, which allows users to manage accounts using biometric authentication.

The feature, which will be available on iOS and macOS devices, will allow users to use either Face ID or Touch ID to automatically fill in their login information when they access apps, websites and programs on Apple’s products.

Passkeys offer better functionality than passwords. The feature can protect users accounts from phishing scams or unauthorized access since Passkeys are encrypted. Since Passkeys are encrypted, unlike passwords, user accounts cannot be cracked or easily guessed using specialized software.

In addition, Passkeys cannot be phished or leaked because they never leave the device on which they were created, meaning hackers cannot trick users into sharing their Passkeys with a fake login portal or scraping their information from a remote server.

The feature is still in development, and it will take quite a while for its functionality to be perfected. Once this is achieved, users will be able to use one Passkey across all their devices and accounts for faster and more secure log-ins.

Apple is working to make the feature work on Android, Linux and Windows platforms so that users can use their iPhones or iPads to log into their accounts on non-macOS devices.