According to a report in the Financial Times, Apple has actively retaliated against employees who complained of workplace harassment.

The findings, if true, discredit Apple’s call for inclusiveness. Several former and current Apple employees shared their experiences in the report and how Apple, for its part, had failed to properly address these complaints, some of which relate to sexual harassment.

Although Apple claims that it “supports the right of its employees and contractors to speak freely,” the report shows that the company is actively working to suppress employees organizing. Apple also blocked Slack channels used by employees to complain about bad managers and wage inequality.

Software engineer Cher Scarlett said Apple retaliated after she filed a complaint with the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB). According to Scarlett, Apple offered her a severance package of C$213,000, but she refused to sign it because Apple required her to hand over a letter to the NLRB containing the names of other employees.

Apple however stressed that it is working hard to thoroughly investigate the allegations of misconduct and is seeking to create “an environment where employees feel comfortable reporting issues.”

“There are some accounts raised that do not reflect our intentions or our policies, and we should have handled them differently, including certain exchanges reported in this story. As a result we will make changes to our training and processes,” Apple said.

The sources for this piece include an article in Engadget.