Amazon has announced plans to open its first-ever fashion store that uses virtual operations. The “Amazon Style” shop is located near Los Angeles.

Customers can scan a code using Amazon’s mobile app to select the color they want. Amazon keeps a record of every good a customer scans. This helps its algorithms personalize clothing recommendations.

It is also aggregated via a survey filled by customers. Therefore, by the time customers arrive in a fitting room, the requested items would have been deposited alongside other products Amazon selected.

To try on the clothes which are stored in the back, shoppers enter a virtual queue for a fitting room that they unlock with their smartphone when it is ready.

According to Simoina Vasen, a managing director, the store has a dressing room which is seen as a “personal space for you to continue shopping without ever having to leave.”

Each has a touch screen that lets shoppers request more items that staff deliver to a secure, two-sided close5 “within minutes.