Amazon has begun rolling out the voice assistant’s Conversation Mode on the third generation Echo Shows 10.

Eliminating the need to say the wake word multiple times, the Conversation Mode will allow a group of people to communicate with the voice assistant, better known as Alexa. To turn it on, users need to say “Alexa, join this conversation.” After that, anyone in the room can talk to the voice assistant provided they look at the screen and the smart display camera sees them. To end the Conversation Mode, users say “leave this conversation” or turn off the microphone or camera. Even if there is no interaction for some time, Alexa will automatically turn it off.

In detailing the feature, Amazon explained that the AI behind the feature uses visual and audible cues to determine when someone is saying something, and it formulates answers based on the context of what is being discussed.

It also embellishes other features that help make Alexa sound more like an actual person, including stretching, changing the tone of voice, and emphasizing certain words.