According to Recode, an internal report suggests that Amazon could run out of workers in the United States by 2024.

With unemployment near a 50-year low, Amazon is struggling to fill all the jobs it needs. The memo, written in mid-2021, said the company risks exhausting its entire available workforce pool in the Phoenix, Arizona metro area by the end of the year and in the Inland Empire region of California by the end of this year.

However, an Amazon spokesman rejected the claims in the report, saying they did not reflect the actual situation.

“There are many draft documents written on many subjects across the company that are used to test assumptions and look at different possible scenarios, but aren’t then escalated or used to make decisions. This was one of them. It doesn’t represent the actual situation, and we are continuing to hire well in Phoenix, the Inland Empire, and across the country,” the Amazon spokesperson said.

The Great Resignation in the United States is creating job openings in many organizations. Companies are struggling for employ new workers, and many are now offering attractive pay to retain talent.