Akiak, a Yup’ik village in western Alaska, will soon have access to high-speed Internet.

Thanks to the pandemic, which has made everyone, including regulators, aware of the importance of a high-speed Internet connection, the village will receive a significant investment in the matter.

While the remote location of the village has made high-speed Internet almost a dream, the billions of dollars provided by the federal government for broadband expansion, especially in rural areas, have undoubtedly proved crucial.

Although a cable connection is not an option, the village will use satellite technology, operated by a company called OneWeb, to deliver much-needed high-speed Internet.

Akiak Chief Mike Williams said the move had become necessary after COVID-19 had affected education and learning in the village.

He said: “The kids have lost between a year and a year-and-a-half of their education, because of no technology, no internet at the home, and no remote learning. We may be forced to do a lockdown again. But we’re going to be prepared this time.”