Ninety four per cent of IT executives and decision-makers express serious concerns about user-generated passwords. Half of these IT executives believe that passwords are too weak for security purposes.

Ninety one per cent said they were very or rather concerned about the theft of passwords in their company. Half of those surveyed said that a lack of security strength in a password is a major problem. They admitted that many employees who need to change an existing password make minimal changes or simply reuse an old password.

Due to the complicated and stressful nature of passwords, passwordless authentication seems to be the best alternative. Although none of the respondents have adopted the technology, 65 per cent of those surveyed said they were likely to introduce it.

When it came to the form of passwordless authentication they would implement, 67 per cent cited biometrics, 48 per cent a PIN and 38 per cent a physical security key.

The report offered organizations interested in implementing passwordless authentication some tips to follow including aligning their organizational mindset, committing their developers, and introducing them to users.