61% of the 11,000 respondents believe that machines will do better than people with sustainability and social efforts.

Other important findings from the report are: 93% of people believe that sustainability and social factors are more important than ever, 94% believe that society has not made enough progress and 45% believe that companies can make more significant changes in terms of sustainability and social factors.

78% are frustrated and fed up with the lack of progress made by companies. 84% believe that companies would make greater progress towards sustainability and social goals with the help of AI.

For the majority of respondents, climate change, resource scarcity and population growth need to be addressed, and solving these problems can help organizations with sustainability.

While business owners agree, 91% identified finding the right data to track progress and completing time-consuming manual processes as the biggest obstacles to achieving the goal.

In order to prioritize sustainability, organizations are advised to streamline their processes for collecting, converting, standardizing, and aggregating data. They can also establish a unified framework for comparing KPIs and then consolidating and aggregating them for analysis.

The findings were part of Oracle’s report, “No Planet B: How Can Businesses and Technology Help Save the World?” which featured 11,000 consumers and business leaders.