Amazon’s investor-led proposal to review the use of plastic did not materialize after it received only 49% support at the company’s annual general meeting.

The proposal was one of 15 resolutions rejected by shareholders. To move to the next stage, it must reach the 51% mark to be approved. For Amazon, about 13% of the company’s voting stock is controlled by founder and Executive Chairman Jeff Bezos.

Some other proposals rejected by shareholders include a proposal for a report on whether Amazon’s cloud surveillance and other capabilities contribute to human rights abuses, with only 40% supporting the proposal.

The proposal to review the safety of Amazon workers was rejected by 87% of shareholders, with 39% voting in favor of a resolution on unionization of workers, and 47% in favor of a report on whether Amazon’s lobbying activities are in the best interests of shareholders.

The proposal to review Amazon’s facial recognition technology received only 41% of the vote, while a report for more details on gender and racial pay received 29% support from shareholders.

Although the 15 proposals did not get through, the resolutions are not binding, but companies can decide to examine issues that were mainly supported by shareholders.