Gartner research vice president David Groombridge unveiled 12 technologies that can enhance organizational efforts to accelerate growth, engineer trust, and sculpt change.

These include generative artificial intelligence, data fabric, disturbed enterprise, cloud-native platforms, autonomous systems, decision-making intelligence, composable applications, hyper-automation, privacy-enhancing computation, cybersecurity mesh, AI engineering, and total experience.

Generative artificial intelligence involves the use of machine learning methods that learn content or objects from a company’s data and in turn use it to generate new, completely original and realistic artifacts.

It can be used to create software code, identify new products, facilitate drug development, and target marketing. Data fabric entails the flexible and resilient integration of data across platforms and business users. It helps simplify a company’s data integration infrastructure and create a scalable architecture that reduces the technical debt of most D&A teams due to the increasing integration challenges.

Distributed enterprise entails the composition of geographically dispersed workers.

Cloud-native platforms (CNPs) leverage the core capabilities of cloud computing to deliver scalable and resilient IT-related capabilities as a service to technology creators who are leveraging Internet technologies that deliver faster value-added time while reducing costs.