Hackers are taking every opportunity to compromise a vulnerability discovered in Log4j, a java programming language used by millions of computers to run online services.

According to security firm Check Point, 100 new hacker attempts are being conducted every minute to effectively exploit the flaw. Check Point also explained that attempts to exploit the flaw have been detected in over 40% of corporate networks globally.

The issue concerning the flaw is complicated by two important factors, including the fact that many companies still have difficulty installing the available patch that fixes the bug, and the second factor that includes the ease with which the bug can be easily compromised by attackers.

While cracking a flaw takes attackers a lot of technical know-how, the Log4j flaw is relatively easy to crack and makes it an attractive operation for hackers.

In their analysis, Microsoft researchers listed some things attackers use Log4shell to do, including installing malicious software that mines cryptocurrencies, stealing passwords and log-ins, and extracting data from compromised systems.