Sherif Sheta – CIO & Global IT Leader

Sherif Sheta, Canadian CIO
Sherif Sheta is a technology leader passionate about leveraging technology to enable business strategies. He is a turnaround CIO and transformational IT leader who has experience in the healthcare, manufacturing and automotive industries. He has international experience working in multiple countries and across diverse cultures. He has contributed to his employers’ success by enabling commercial capabilities for the sales and marketing teams, improving employee productivity through collaboration tools, aligning IT’s priorities to the business’s strategic goals and managing overall costs by incubating innovative solutions in one country and deploying them in other markets.
Sherif feels strongly about the role that CIOs can, and should, play in leading innovation initiatives in their companies. They have the opportunity to leverage digital platforms and emerging technologies to accelerate the delivery of value to their business partners and end customers. Personalized service and product offering is the way forward and companies today have no excuse not to offer them. Sherif writes about the digital business and how to change the customer engagement model in an Instant-ON world. He serves as the Vice President of the Toronto Chapter of the CIO Association of Canada.

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