Innovation Through Insights: Can business analytics lead to better decisions?

Sherif Sheta, IT Director at Baxter Canada

Jeff Hutchinson, CIO, Maple Leaf Foods Inc.

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Business Analytics - Turning Data Into Insight

Business Analytics – Turning Data Into Insight

In an era of Smarter Analytics, it is imperative that businesses leverage the massive quantities of data available to them. In order to remain competitive, data must be transformed into insight and integrated into business processes.

What's your AQ Quiz (Analytic Quotient)What’s your AQ Quiz (Analytic Quotient)

It’s a fact: analytics-driven organizations outperform their peers in every metric that matters. Now, there’s a way to know how well you’re using analytics. Take the quiz to get on the path to better outcomes.

Outperforming with a Higher AQOutperforming with a Higher AQ
It’s simple: The more you embrace analytics, the higher your Analytics Quotient (AQ). The higher your AQ, the better the business outcomes – for you, your team and your entire organization. Watch the video to find out how others are succeeding with analytics.
Assessing the True Value of Business Analytics
Assessing the True Value of Business Analytics

Ventana Research: In recent years analytical methods have grown more sophisticated, incorporating advanced statistical approaches to detect relationships, correlations and trends. Read this paper for more information about the changing nature of business analytics and its importance in business planning.

Analytics:  The New Path to Value
Analytics: The New Path to Value

IBM, in conjunction with the MIT Sloan Management Review, recently released its latest survey – which involved surveying nearly 3000 executives, managers and analysts – on how companies are applying their use of information management and business analytics.