Tuesday, May 17, 2022

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Protecting the edge

By Nick Alevetsovitis Security risks have a way of exponentially growing as networks become more complicated. Multi-edge networks are now the norm, with WAN, multi-cloud,...

Ontario school board putting learners first in digital-first era

In early 2020, many educational institutions across Canada were ill-prepared to support remote learning. However, for the Catholic District School Board of Eastern Ontario...

Overcoming five key challenges of data analytics in a hybrid environment

The ability to unlock the power of data is often seen as the key to business success. But first you have to find the...

Critical infrastructure is the new front line

By Rick Peters Threat actors eager to maximize disruptions and payouts have a new and compelling target – critical infrastructures such as factories, transportation networks,...

Get your people out in front in the decade of delivery

It’s one thing to say companies need to “skill up” their people; it’s quite another when an institution like the World Economic Forum (WEF)...



New artificial intelligence lab opens in Montreal

McGill University has announced the opening of a new international artificial intelligence (AI) laboratory in Montreal, confirming the city’s status as a leader in the...

Canada’s D-Wave announces the availability of its latest quantum computing system in the U.S.

D-Wave Systems, a Canada-based global leader in quantum computing systems, software, and services, opens its latest quantum computing system in the U.S.

Cyber Security Today, Week in Review for Friday May 13, 2022

This episode features a discussion on ransomware, incident response planning and insider attacks

Elon Musk tweets about putting Twitter deal temporarily on hold

Elon Musk is putting his US$44 billion Twitter offer on temporary hold, to verify more details about the number of fake accounts on Twitter

G7 needs group to share best cybersecurity practices in light of Russian attacks on Ukraine, says Canada

In the face of what it calls Russia's "malicious cyber activities" in its war against Ukraine, Canada is urging the G7 nations to create a...

Lighthouse Labs to build a search engine for the metaverse

Montreal-based Lighthouse Labs announced on May 11 that it had secured funding of C$9.1M to build a search engine for the metaverse. The company will...