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The global information technology, consulting and business process services company Wipro today announced the appointment of Thierry Delaporte as the chief executive officer and managing director of the company. “I am delighted to welcome Thierry as CEO and managing director of...
With organizations increasingly facing targeted combined ransomware and extortion management needs to think about hiring a professional negotiator to deal with attackers, says a cyber expert.
Shaw says it now offers gigabit service to 99 per cent of its residential internet subscribers.
While Cisco wouldn't say what it plans to pay, the tech giant announced Thursday it plans to buy internet monitoring solution startup ThousandEyes.
Today's podcast pulls facts from a detailed report on the depths of cybercrime
People are trying to find the best ways to combat Zoom fatigue, law enforcement in the UK try to halt sales of a device that says it can protect you from 5G via quantum technology, and Trump is very mad with Facebook and Twitter.
IBM said it's cutting an unspecified number of jobs in the first significant staff reduction under new chief executive officer Arvind Krishna, but the impact on the Canadian workforce is unknown.
Tapplock agrees to not misrepresent its privacy and security practices, and to implement a comprehensive security program
In the midst of the global pandemic, the focus of CIOs was on continuity — working with IT to ensure operations were running smoothly. But with countries now beginning to reopen, revealing a changed landscape, CIOs must now turn...
Huawei’s Meng Wanzhou loses the first challenge in extradition case, Twitter fact checks one of President Donald Trump’s tweets, and new reports suggest Facebook knew its algorithms divided users but the tech giant didn’t care.