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As Canada's communication infrastructure continues to be developed, what should you pay attention to in 2021?
In this podcast I look at some of the most common email scams of 2020, plus describe a very complex telephone bank scam that nearly cost a man $10,000
The good news is that there are plenty of options to choose from when selecting a platform to host an online event. The bad news is, most of us aren't really good at it yet, according to experts.
COVID-19, a new private-sector privacy law and rulings by the Privacy Commissioner will highlight 2021
With the work from home transition accentuating the importance of good connectivity, network developments, whether it’s 5G or broadband, are accelerating in Canada.
Thought we were finished? Here are some more cybersecurity-related news stories of 2020.
2020 headlines were dominated by COVID-19, and while the year didn’t resemble the “Roaring 20s” many were looking forward to, there was a lot to be inspired by when it comes to Canadian innovation. Here are our top Canadian Tech stories of 2020.
COVID, ransomware, Twitter and SolarWinds summarize what was perhaps the worst year in cybersecurity. Read why
This year's podcast featured a number of stories with important lessons for managers and IT professionals. Today I talk about three of them that dealt with ransomware
Shopify’s soaring success leads to the dark side of scams and counterfeit goods, move theatres are going through quite the digital transformation, and the latest way to be judged for your taste in music is finally here!