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At the Build 2020 conference, Microsoft announced Project Reunion, rolling its Windows desktop API and the universal windows platform (UWP) into a single package.
While the federal government combats hostile foreign intelligence services seeking the country’s biggest secrets, hackers and fraudsters are keen on cashing in on the fear the novel coronavirus has created, targeting both individuals and businesses across Canada. The air...
Medical officer of health says 'mistake should not have happened' and vows a similar breach will not happen again
As U.S. sanctions against Huawei, the company is feeling the pain. At its 17th annual Global Analyst Summit this week, rotating chairman Guo Ping said, "Over the past year, many technologies became unavailable to us. Despite this, Huawei struggled to survive and is striving to move forward."
Today's podcast describes a sophisticated attack on a security firm, two recent email scams, and a how a crooks used a smartphone take-overs to try to hack a crypto bank
What's the outlook for China's future hospitals?
Shopify is following Twitter’s footsteps and telling its employees they can work from home indefinitely, a ransomware gang executives a nasty attack against a law firm in New York City, and a medical repair database goes viral on Reddit
With billions around the world now in lockdown, businesses have activated sometimes dated continuity plans that never envisioned their entire staff working from home. The challenges to adjust to the so-called “new normal” of working from home has generally happened...
Doctor says a contact tracing app "right now doesn't serve a need we have." Also, other action around the world
Threat actors still looking for six year old bugs, as well as increasingly going after content management systems and IoT devices