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Watch out for so-called free 'licence' agreements that require you to watch a video on a social networking site and a substantial increase in spam, according to the vendor
The proposal process was supposed to be completed by the end of last February and the system implementation started in April, which would have provided enough time to get everything ready for this Christmas season. But bad news, kids
Employers will be proactively searching for the best talent, which means that making yourself visible is a must. A look at the hottest skills and positions for 2008
Gather around the fire (or maybe the data centre management console) and offer up your best singing voice for a tune specifically written for IT professionals
Now that Adobe Systems has announced its Integrated Runtime for rich Internet Applications, it is facing competition from Microsoft with its Silverlight software. Industry analysts give their predictions on the next battle of the RIA war.
What began as an effort to provide notebooks to school children in developing countries at US$100 each has turned into competition among vendors to reduce the cost of components, hardware and software.
Although its Acrobat, Illustrator and Photoshop software are ubiquitous among publishers, and it inherited the Flash format with the acquisition of Macromedia two years ago, Adobe as a corporation has kept a relatively low profile. Will Rich Internet applications change that?

A reality check for OLTP

The One Laptop Per Child program, which aims to provide low-cost notebook PCs to children in underdeveloped countries, is beset by production delays and competition from Intel
The CIO of the state of Minnesota, Gopal Khanna, wants to see technology better leveraged to transform government operations and enable IT teams to "take risks and come up with solutions." Khanna addressed attendees to the annual Minnesota Government IT Symposium.
The power of social networking is striking the federal government with unmistakable force. This month a successful Facebook campaign initiated by a University of Ottawa professor led Industry Minister Jim Prentice to re-evaluate the timeline of a new copyright legislation set to be introduced in Parliament.