Could N.Z. become a spam haven?

New Zealand has rocketed to become the third-largest producer of spam in the region, according to anti-spam company Brightmail Inc.

Foundry launches switches to help block attacks

Foundry Networks Inc. Monday announced modular and stackable switches for Layer 4-7 tasks, with a particular focus on corporate security requirements. ...

MS to settle with InterTrust for US$440M

Less than two weeks after settling its legal disputes with Sun Microsystems Inc., Microsoft Corp. said on Monday that it reached an agreement with InterTrust Technologies Corp. to settle a long-running case over InterTrust's digital rights management software.

Network is only as secure as you want it to be

VPNs, firewalls, and anti-virus are the big three of security. But the dirty little secret is that a lot of this software and hardware exists more to CYA than to prevent your network and data from being compromised.

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Experts say that training can reduce security incidents by anywhere from 45% to 70%. "We asked ourselves why security training couldn't be fun as well as informative." IT World Canada and it's creative arm, Amazing! Agency have created some training materials which actually make security training engaging and interesting. Each unit starts with a fun video or interactive game and let's you get the interest of the group....

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Tour Trend Micro’s new cyber security research lab in Toronto

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