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Preparing for the new hybrid workplace

Most companies in 2021 are wondering what the post-Covid work landscape will look like. A McKinsey survey of 100 executives tells us the future...

Technation panellist says some are quitting organizations that insist on a 5-day presence in the workplace

The Technation Future of Work conference series continued last Wednesday, as keynote speaker Ashok Krish, global head at Tata Consultancy Services (TCS), shared his thoughts on the Digital Workplace and how workspaces would be impacted post-pandemic. 

Five tips to boost your customer experience

A dramatic change in the customer service landscape over the past year has many businesses revisiting their approach. “We had to move faster with our...

6 things to remember when filing taxes this year

COVID-19 has created many complications in our working lives that are not only taxing our patience, but they're also affecting our taxes. Here are some tips to get you over the hump.

What tech skills will be most in demand in a post-pandemic world?

Technology jobs in Canada have proven to be more resilient during the pandemic compared to those in the rest of the economy, according to...

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella says CIOs deserve ‘a big thank you’

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella dropped by the CIO Association of Canada this week to share some wise words and drop some news.

Nearly half of Canadian workers experience daily burnout, according to Microsoft Work Trend Index

High productivity is masking exhausted workforces globally, and the situation is worse in Canada, according to Microsoft’s annual Work Trend Index.

IT leaders share learnings on challenges of leading virtual teams

At a recent virtual Canadian CIO luncheon, IT executives shared stories, articles, and resources they thought were valuable to developing the kind of leadership that an increasingly virtual workforce needs.

How to move security to the edge to protect the changing workplace

Experts warn that the eventual shift to a hybrid workforce introduces new security threats. As the pandemic eases, it’s expected that many organizations will allow employees to choose where they want to work on any given day.

IT Teams: Get ready for the hybrid office

Two dozen roundtable participants agree that the hybrid working model will likely become the norm.

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Electronic recycler provides secure way to be part of solution

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New tools for a new workplace

There are many questions as companies try to get back to business as usual, and many ambiguities about how best to proceed. One thing,...

Plays well with others

Video collaboration platforms bridged a chasm in the early days of COVID-19 and remain a prime point of connection for businesses of all sizes....

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