Wednesday, May 18, 2022



There has been speculation regarding the focus of the Cabletron spin-off, but the company has been making efforts to get rid of the cloud hanging over its head.

Windows XP debuts

Microsoft Corp. unveiled Tuesday its new Windows XP operating system at a lavish gala at the Experience Music Project (EMP) museum in Seattle.

IBM announces new system management software

IBM Corp. last month announced new system management software designed to reduce server downtime by automatically predicting failures in IBM's eServer xSeries servers, which are based on Intel Corp. processors.

Nortel chairman proclaims dawn of the

Clarence Chandran, chief operating officer of Nortel Networks Corp., proclaimed Wednesday the dawn of the "photonic" decade, saying the connectivity demands of customers and corporate users as well as storage requirements will drive the need for eliminating bottlenecks on the Internet.

Computer-to-computer e-commerce is on its way

Say goodbye to the Web browser . . . at least for business-to-business commerce.

How to build a better website

Whether you

Satellite providers look to past to find future

A little over a month ago, Iridium, the world

Rolling power outages hit Silicon Valley

Network administrators can try to compensate for about a million things going wrong during a Web-cast presentation, but when Pacific Gas and Electric Corp. in California turns off the power in the auditorium, there's only so much to be done except groan, maybe chuckle a little and wait.

Cisco shows big picture

Cisco Systems Inc., a company that often clouds business and technology initiatives in a veil of linguistic...

ASP Use Of Thin-Client Model May Cause Stormy Weather

Recent studies show that when the weather gets stormy on the Internet - and packets get lost - the impact on ASP client performance can be significant.

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