If nothing else, the cloud computing outage heard 'round the world is now over, and the world did not come to an end. That doesn't mean, however, the impact won't be huge.
Given the rate at which cloud computing is discussed in print and at live events (like the ones we produce), there's no question that Amazon will become the unfortunate poster child for cloud computing controversy.
Here's one take from our IDC Insights Community blogger David Patterson in the U.S.:
Certainly, the Amazon outages will give all current and potential users of cloud services a bit more angst around their decisions to move forward. But ultimately, we believe its growth will continue albeit with some lessons learned from the FS approach – look for proper data governance and security, maturity in your cloud providers, and robust back-up and recovery. What are your thoughts?
Agree? Disagree? What does the Amazon outage do to your own comfort level around cloud computing? Cineplex Odeon gift certificates for the best comments to this post.