Saturday, May 28, 2022

The Business Leadership Podcast: Taylan Pince, CEO at Hipo

Are you an emerging leader who is having trouble to delegate?

In this episode, Edwin sat down with Taylan Pince, Mobile Team Lead and CEO at Hipo, an organization that helps disruptive startups and small businesses create meaningful products and services.

When Taylan is not busy growing Hipo, you can find him spending time with his four-year old daughter.

Apart from family life, he loves to read Sci-Fi books, is passionate about physical activity, and loves to tinker to hardware stuff.

Today, you will hear him delve into topics about productivity, delegation, and his future plans for Hipo.

Also, you will discover what kind of disease he caught because of too much stress and what he did about it.

In addition, listen to actionable steps he shared with Edwin regarding hiring remote team members and interns.

Lastly, find out how you can grow as a business leader by mastering the art of delegation.

Listen to this episode, and you will learn why you should delegate until it hurts.