At the age of 15, Rokham Fard’s family moved to Canada. He studied Computer Science at the University of Toronto. He worked with Canada’s largest academic research lab to help out with re-designing the education system. At 21, he became the employee of the year at a Fortune 500 company. After graduation, he decided to turn his route to entrepreneurship. This path leads him to co-found  is Canada’s largest online real estate brokerage. Rokham helped to get it on the list of Profit Magazine’s “Canada’s 50 fastest growing tech startups” in 2016.

Now, Rokham has built another startup called It is where entrepreneurs learn scientific tactics to reach their peak mental performance. In 2017, they hit three big milestones; putting the team together, building their MVP, and getting the company post revenue. This year, they focus on getting the word out and making more people aware of

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