Melody Adhami started her career working at the billion-dollar company, Unilever, on brands like Dove, Hellmann’s and Lipton. Then, she reached a fork in the road. Deep inside the row of cubicles at Unilever, she watched the first signs of a new mobile age appear. Steve Jobs launched the iPhone, unleashing a world where mobile phones can do more than make calls. Melody made up her mind. She quit her steady job to launch a company that would focus on the emerging world of mobile apps, Plastic Mobile.

Today, Plastic is a top player in the world of mobile. Its clients are some of the biggest names in the business. The work was recognized by Forrester Research as being the “poster child” for apps. The Globe and Mail even dubbed Melody as the “Queen of Apps.” And in 2015, Plastic was acquired by the 6th largest global communications company, Havas.

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