In today’s episode, Edwin interviews Dr. Greg Wells about the top five-step process for establishing a healthy high performing team.

Dr. Greg Wells is a Physiologist, Scientist, Speaker & 3x Best-Selling Author. He helps people get healthy & perform better via research and applied science.

Outside of what he does, his number one priority is his kids, and family. Dr. Wells got a four year old and eight years old, so he had to spend as much time with them.

Dr. Wells invested heavily in sports equipment for his kids so he can drag them off to do the stuff that he likes to do. They went skiing, surfing, and love doing physical activity. He does cycling, running and swimming, and also love lifting weights to make him feel better.

What you will discover in this episode are:

What adverse effects being in a hustle mode do to your brain?

Find out how to work smart and achieve the lifestyle you want for you and your family.

Lastly, how you as an emerging leader can lead a healthy, high-performing team.

And much more! Enjoy!

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