After much speculation – and many rumours quashed – Samsung has decided on a date to launch the Galaxy SIII to the public.
It's follow up to the very successful Galaxy SII Android handset will debut to the public May 3 in London England. Hmmm. Something else is happening that time in London but what is it….
Oh yeah! The Olympics!
I guess Samsung are content to hitch its wagon to a much larger event and informerly be delclared the “largest tech launch in Olympic history.” But I think that's mostly due to the fact that not a lot of gadgets have been launched at the Olympics, which is primarily a “man and his achievements” sort of event. Gadgets are a bit antithetical to the rest of the goings on. I mean, thesse are people who'd rather ski or run a marathon instead of driving the distance in a car. How much are they worried about the next biggest smartphone launch?
The South Korean electronics giant becmae the world's top smartphone maker last year with the incredible success of the Galaxy SII. Over 40 million Galaxy handsets have been sold since June of 2010.
There is a bit of an Olympics tie, however, despite my joking. Samsung has a contract as an Olympics sponsor that runs until 2016 and claims to have seen a huge market share gain after the 2008 Beijing games.
Original article: Samsung ties launch of new Galaxy S phone to London Olympics (Globe and Mail Technology)