If it's ERP, CRM or business intelligence software, don't expect the majority of Canadian IT departments to go off-premise anytime soon.
In this first look from our inaugural State of Cloud Computing in Canada report, I've broken out a chart where we asked our audience to rate their deployment plans within specific categories. As you can see here, it's not that they're ruling the cloud out for enterprise apps, but many are still months or years away before they are willing to make a move. And there is a considerable number who say they simply don't plan to do it, period. This could say a lot about the mission-critical nature of these programs, but it could also speak to the security concerns about the loss of control over data. This report, by the way, is based on a survey of more than 200 people in our audience, mostly CIOs and IT managers with large companies of 500 or more employees.
Look for a lot more from this report as we lead up to the on-demand Webcast I'll be hosting that delves into the details.  In the meantime, use the comments below to tell me what your thoughts are vis-a-vis enterprise business apps and the cloud.