When you think about business intelligence, companies like SAS Institute, Information Builders and Microstrategy come to mind. Microsoft? Not so much.
As part of an ongoing series we're producing for the software giant, we recently hosted another “Real Voices” roundtable discussion featuring the CIO of Canada Cartage. Their case study was featured in our publications as an advertising feature that Microsoft approved and paid for, but the following one-hour Webcast is an unrehearsed, free-flowing discussion of their implementation and why they decided SQL Server made sense as a solution. I'm not sure if everyone, particularly larger enterprises, will go the same route, but it's an interesting example of how BI is moving into more of a mid-market play, at least by companies like Microsoft.
Although I've helmed these Webcasts so far, this one was led by my esteemed colleauge and IT World Canada Community Advocate John Pickett. Pay close attention to the Canada Cartage guy's explanation of his firm as a “dedicated” trucking company and why that makes the data management issue more complicated. Requires registration for the replay. Enjoy.