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The CIO enters the era of disruption

Twenty per cent of the Global 2000 are experimenting by creating new leadership titles, such as chief digital officer, chief customer officer and chief analytical officer/head data scientist

Four learning curves that may jostle your 2012 agenda

Big data, social media, mobility and the cloud. Everyone recognizes that disruptive change is afoot. Here are some high-impact blind spots to avoid

Is every worker a knight?

Might the forces impacting the heroes who inhabited the literal suits of armor have lessons for those who inhabit today's digital suits of armor?

IT needs to plan for what comes between now and later

Timing is everything in enterprise IT. That middle time period, the meso-future, is too often ignored by management teams. Learn how to make the most of itrn

Peering at the new world of IT work

The vast majority of executives have never pictured themselves becoming the boss. What does that tell us about today's workplace? The findings of a poll, interpreted through four different lenses

For IT, it’s all going to be about processes

Our early research data suggests that the full capture and analysis of process knowledge is more the exception than the rule. How can this be?rnrn

Your marching orders for the next 10 years

Just about every IT leader still standing in 2011 will agree that the first decade of the new millennium was tough, characterized by doing more with less. What about the decade still to come?

The shape of the IT workforce in 2010

Somewhere in the mid-'90s, work became very complicated. IT work in particular became semi-indefinable. Is someone who translates medical notes into insurance codes an IT worker?rn

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