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IT’s new competency: Getting to ‘Next’

One of the most broken processes in IT today is planning. Fixing this is critical to the future of our discipline. Crisp answers to these questions will put IT back on the track to trust.rn

It’s past time to drop the CIO stereotypes

To appropriate a quote from Thomas Paine about something else entirely, we are at a point where, with passionate action, IT leaders "have it in our power to begin the world all over again." IT leadership has never been more important and, apparently, less understood

IT’s human energy crisis

An essential question for all IT leaders to ponder is whether their IT organization is exothermic (one that releases positive energy) or endothermic (one that sucks energy out of the enterprise)

Are you paying your vendors enough?

we are reaching a point where many executives will realize that it is time to embark on a new relationship with technology suppliers. Here in the 21st century, the economy is dependent on information technologies

Where has IT’s passion gone?

A dark aura of angst seems to have settled on portions of the IT community. There's a substantive worsening in an already frightening trend of IT employee disengagement from the purposes and goals of the enterprise

Time for a little ‘era awareness’

Far too many of the fine men and women working in IT today lack a sense of history (that is, where we've been and where we are) and the ability to imagine the IT-enabled opportunities of 2010 and beyond

Technology adoption 2.0

Running a Six Sigma digital factory is no longer good enough. If IT is to maintain (or obtain) a seat at the big table, it needs to do more than keep the digital lights on

Appearance matters, even in IT

Does what you wear to work really matter? Yes, and quite a lot, according to preliminary data from a multiyear study of IT leadership best practices at the IT Leadership Academy.

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