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Vendors eye VoIP security

As the VoIP (voice over IP) market continues to grow, network equipment and software vendors are beginning to step up with a raft of products to lock down the security of IP telephony data streams.

VoIP to find receptive ears in 2002

The slow but steady adoption rate of VoIP (voice over IP) technology will continue in 2002, but could get an additional boost as more enterprises catch on to the administration and application payoffs offered by the technology.

Cisco details VOIP strategy

Cisco Systems Inc. plans to do more than simply provide the equipment necessary for delivering VOIP (voice over IP) telephony services; the company will also deliver value-added services to carriers, service providers, and enterprises.

Allegro looks to make routing a commodity

As the economic slump continues to batter the networking sector, one equipment vendor is trying to beat off the gloom with plans to offer carriers new services they can resell to enterprise customers.

Do VoIP vendors strong-arm customers into committing?

A debate has been sparked within the VoIP (voice over IP) vendor community over accusations from 3Com Corp. that other equipment makers are forcing customers to invest exclusively in their solutions.

Pushing intelligence to the edge

The development of intelligent edge-network devices are enabling better performance by taking on a greater share of the network processing burden.

3Com hopes new switch will challenge Cisco

3Com Corp. has released a 48-port version of its SuperStack 3 Switch 4400, claiming it to be the market's first 48-port switch with Layer 4 switching capabilities that enables the switch to route traffic based on information contained in the transport layer.

Agilent readies all-in-one network testing tool

Seeking to combine both cable and application testing functionality in one handheld device, Agilent announced what it calls an all-in-one testing tool for enterprise users.

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