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Neoteris marries VPN and extranet technology

In a play to combine the best features of VPN and extranet technology, start-up Neoteris announced a set of devices aimed at providing secure remote access to corporate resources.

IT community resists Carnivore bill

Despite calls for tighter national security, delegates at the ISPcon tradeshow in Las Vegas expressed concern over a proposed bill that could pave the way for broader implementations of Carnivore, the FBI's top-secret Internet monitoring program, arguing that the advanced packet sniffer could compromise civil liberties.

Optimism runs high for residential broadband

In a move to combat the dampening effects of an oversaturated enterprise market, many service providers, application developers, and equipment makers are turning to the residential broadband market as the next big source of revenue.

Tivoli releases network management tools

Tivoli Software announced three products on Oct. 3 aimed specifically at managing Microsoft Exchange, SQL Server and Active Directory environments.

Vendors rush to release anti-Nimda tools

Network Associates Inc. and Trend Micro Inc. joined a growing number of vendors on Wednesday offering utilities designed to help protect businesses from the rapidly spreading Nimda worm.

N+I – Cisco unveils mid-range Internet router

Cisco Systems Corp. has announced a new mid-range router family, known as the Cisco 7300 series, along with OC-48 enhancements to its existing 7603 and 7606 Internet routers.

Bell Labs finds potential improvements to lenses

Looking into the deep sea, researchers at Bell Labs may have discovered a new way to design lenses for optical networks and thereby boost traffic speeds.

Peribit Networks Promises DNA-inspired Traffic Boost

Taking a cue from molecular biology, Peribit Networks released a solution that is claimed to improve network performance by as much as 90 per cent.

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