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Lessons in cybersafety

British Columbia

Privacy? It’s spelled r-e-c-y-c-l-i-n-g

Richard Purcell, chief executive officer of the Corporate Privacy Group, and a widely respected authority on privacy and security, created the position of Chief Privacy Officer at Microsoft in the late 1990s. He is chairman of the board for TRUSTe, an independent trust authority for privacy on the web, and is deeply involved with the International Association of Privacy Professionals. Purcell recently took part in a panel discussion on privacy issues at the conference on Synergies in an E-Society. Following is a transcript of his opening remarks.

Q&A: John Manley

Veteran Ottawa MP John Manley was federal Minister of Industry for seven years in the 1990s. In that capacity, he was an early leader of the federal government's e-government program. Manley recently spoke with Robert Parkins, editor of CIO Governments' Review, on his days as a champion of e-government and his thinking on more current issues.

A different spin




Convenience drives city

Calgarians are signing on in cyberspace, says Bob Shaw

Q&A: Frank McKenna

Former New Brunswick Premier Frank McKenna electrified delegates at the Lac Carling 2003 congress this year with a keynote address that touched on issues ranging from the origins of Service New Brunswick to Canada

The e-World of Bernard Lord

New Brunswick Premier Bernard Lord, whose province is a leader in the development of e-government in Canada, took part in the Lac Carling Congress in late May.

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