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Message From the Editor

For aficionados of e-Government, the notion of permission is not just an arugment about which teenagers may see which movie. It


It was a good question when it first surfaced back in the

Lotus Global Government Forum: KM Latest Army Weapon

Beetle Bailey may be able to outsmart Sarge, but he'd have a tough time with Steven Boutelle.

Reporters Notebook: Lotus Global Government Forum

Three days spent amid the speeches and seminars of the Lotus Global Government conference held in Washington in early November yielded these observations and reflections:

Glimpse of a Wired World

Suits with computers woven into them. Glasses which deliver streaming video. They

OBC Readies for Changes

You can look for more connections than ever at Ontario Business Connects (OBC), according to Sue Corke, Assistant Deputy Minister of the Business Division in the Ministry of Consumer and Commercial Relations.

Privacy High on Citizen

For technology types, the numbers from Ann Cavoukian were nothing if not sobering. Cavoukian, Information and Privacy Commisioner for the Ontario government, told a Showcase Ontario session on e-Government that fully 90 per cent of Canadians consider privacy the most important issue in e-commerce.

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