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Playing IT jeopardy

We take you to the studios of America

A costly affair

Computerworld (U.S.)

Development on the Qt

The introduction of Microsoft Corp.'s Visual Studio .Net drew a lot of attention to issues such as whether C# is preferable to Java and how the .Net framework compares with the Java 2 Enterprise Edition framework.

No .Net advantage

Now that Visual Studio.Net has launched, will someone remind me why .Net is destined to revolutionize Web services? Let's look at what .Net brings to the table.

Riding out tough times

I don't mean to be a wet blanket, but as much as I keep hearing we're in an economic recovery, you couldn't prove it by me.

IT from Planet Bizarro

I have always loved comic books and old science fiction movies. I wasn't a big fan of Superman, but I liked the stories about the planet Bizarro. Bizarro was an opposite world, where people set their alarm clocks to ring when it was time to go to sleep. And for some reason I never quite understood, the Bizarro people all talked like Sesame Street's Cookie Monster: "Me want cookie."

An XML ‘breakthrough’

Allow me to have one last rant about XML before I finally admit that I've discovered a marvelous use for it.

Linux road map needed

Standards drive the market. That's a truism if ever there was one. But that doesn't make it a simple truth.

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