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IPhone – the $30 Rogers offer – Something smells…

There is something that has been bothering me about the Rogers $30 for 6 Gb of data offer.

David McGuinty steps into the Rogers IPhone pricing debate

David McGuinty will be stepping into the Rogers/Iphone debate over at ruinediphone.com"July 8, 2008 On Wednesday July 9, at 3:00 pm EDT David McGuinty,...

Are the telecoms trying to kill off SMS?

Let's face it with the tweens today, SMS is a vital feature on their phones.

Bell takes another on the chin over P2P filtering

Google has spoken out about the Bell traffic shaping.

The week in review

Probably the biggest tech item this week is the final approvals being granted for take over of Bell Canada Enterprises (BCE) by the Ontario...

Desktop Virtualization

There is a great debate over at BrianMadding.com about the future of desktop virtualization.

And the posts keep coming

Guess we still have a soap box....Just a few updates on some of the past posts. Roger's voice/data plans for the IPhone release...

Wireless competition by the numbers

The ongoing saga at the CRTC wireless spectrum auction needs a little more explanation as to why this will ultimately have little effect on...

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