And the posts keep coming

Published: June 27th, 2008

Guess we still have a soap box….

Just a few updates on some of the past posts. Roger’s voice/data plans for the IPhone release in Canada are out and they are pretty bad (Mark Evans, Engadget). So much for us potentially seeing a drop in costs as a result of the IPhone introduction.

Speaking of which, with the AWS Spectrum Auction is now hitting $4.1 Billion and counting, don’t expect to see any real competition on rates anytime soon. Keep an eye over at Mark Goldbergs, Telecom Trends for the latest updates.

Bill C-555 (The “Get connected fairly” act) is starting to gain more coverage and traction with just over 1800 signatories right now. Add your voice ASAP.

Lastly on the copyright front. Bill C-61 the Copyright reform act is getting hit hard. Michael Geist has a great round up of coverage. With just over 81,000 people now part of his Facebook group and close to 30,000 people having used the two main e-mail letter writing campaigns (Copyright for Canadians, Canadian Coaliion for Electronic Rights) it looks like we might be able to force some real dialog on this issue.

Remember with Canada Day just around the corner, it is important to stand up and be proud to be Canadian. So as you cross your Local MP this long weekend at the various festivities, please be sure to let them know your opinion on these important Canadian issues. Otherwise please enjoy the long weekend everyone and be safe.

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